The virtue of justice consists in
moderation, as regulated by wisdom.

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Our Office has been distinguished, since its establishment in 2012, by provision of various legal services to its customers through an outstanding staff from various nationalities that possesses the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to provide our customers with the most appropriate legal solutions.
We work as a responsible team and we celebrate success through appreciation of every person who contributes to development of the services provided to our esteemed customers.

We are composed of integrated members who provide high-quality services. Our team believes in the Office’s objectives
and considers their achievement as part of their personal aspirations.
Each member represents a real added value in his/her position and his/her relationship with the others.
Believing in the distinctiveness of the concept, and the desire to actually prove that is their strong characteristic that really distinguishes their Office. All of us believe that we are distinctive, professional and

Communication with Customers

Continuously keep you updated developments relevant to the customers’ cases, including providing regular legal opinion. Hold a periodic meeting with our customers, and the methods to be determined upon conclusion of the contract in order to discuss, follow-up and explain all the works and discuss all the necessary inquiries to be carried out in the customer’s cases.
Provide legal translation services. Use our expertise to determine the fastest means of legal defense utilizing our work team comprised of a selection of expert advocates, consultants and administrative staff..

alize front-end processes with effective convergence. Competently parallel task fully researched data and enterprise process improvements. Appropriately empower dynamic leadership skills after business portals. Globally myocardinate interactive supply chains with distinctive quality vectors.

Dubai, Sofitel Downtown-Shk.Z.R 48 Burj Gate Tower-Office No 101.
+971 43889955
Sun-Thu: 8am – 5pm

Our Vision

Taking advantage of the available resources to achieve the welfare of our customers

We Pledge to

Review the services provided to our customers and develop them periodically

Our Objective

To occupy a leading position among law firms in the United Arab Emirates


We always adhere to integrity and transparency towards our employees and customers


Fast and accurate provision of services in consistency with the needs of our customers

FIELDS OF EXPERTISEWe specialize in Commercial law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Shipping Law, Family Law & Arbitration

Commercial Law
Civil Law
Family Law
Shipping Law

TESTIMONIALSTheir knowledge, expertise, advice and confidence gave me courage, belief and strength needed to help me go through my divorce.



TESTIMONIALSThe level of service I received from Abdul Rahman AL Sharhan Law was incredible, through a particularly difficult chapter. They are exceptional.



TESTIMONIALSAs far as this work was concerned, I can say that my wife and I have been extremely impressed with the efficiency and professionalism.


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