Umm Tamim Hashemi

Legal Consultant

She obtained a bachelor’s degree in law from the Faculty of Law, DAV College, Kanpur, in 1992 and a master’s degree in law, in Sharia from Aligarh in 1994. She starting working as an advocate in 1994 and became a member in the Supreme Court in India in 1996. She worked for more than sixteen years in the Supreme Court in India and she appeared before the Supreme Court in India during such period and has successfully pleaded in a number of cases. The sixteen of service in the legal field has provided Mrs. Umm Tamim with comprehensive understanding of the legal field. This is in addition to her role and importance in the other fields. Mrs. Tamim Hashemi is a senior legal consultant in a law firm and has 25 years of vast experience in the legal field in India and the United Arab Emirates. She is experienced in commercial litigation and arbitration, especially the cases submitted to Dubai International Financial Centre and Dubai International Arbitration Centre.