Advocate Abdul Rahman Al Sharhan

Founding Partner

He holds a licentiate degree in law from Dubai Police Academy and a Master’s degree in Maritime and Commercial Laws from Swansea University in the United Kingdom. He is also a PhD Researcher and experienced in the legal field since 2004. He made gradual progress in the legal field starting from the Military Justice Department in Abu Dhabi in 2004, then he worked as a legal researcher in the Federal Customs Authority and then in the Securities and Commodities Authority. After that, Mr. Abdul Rahman worked as the Notary Public in Dubai Courts then he established the Office of Abdul Rahman Al Sharhan Advocates and Legal Consultants in 2011. He has read a lot and has a vast experience in the legal field, especially in the cases of securities and commodities and the maritime and commercial cases. In addition, Mr. Abdul Rahman has pleaded in a number of civil and criminal cases before the courts of Dubai and the other emirates.