Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Sharhan


Abdul Rahman is the Managing Partner at Sanad International Law Group and is the driving force of its day to day legal activities and court cases.

He graduated of a Bachelor of Law from the Dubai Police Academy and has gained considerable experience in the legal field since 2004.  He is currently enroled on the English language Masters Degree (LL.M.) programme at the University of Dubai.

Abdul Rahman worked in the legal department in the military judiciary in Abu Dhabi in 2004, then worked as a Legal Researcher in the Federal Customs Authority and later in the field of securities and commodities.  He  has also worked as a legal writer in the Courts of Dubai.

He first established his own firm, Abdulrahman Al Sharhan in 2011 before joing Sanad International as Managing Partner.

Abdul Rahman is highly competent to conduct cases in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates  He has advised, assisted, pleaded and appeared as an Advocate in a lagre number of civil and criminal cases.

He has a reputation as a thorough and conscientious lawyer with a detailed knowledge and grip of UAE law and procedure, and as a fiecely independent advocatewho has the interests of Clients at the forefront of his practice.