• Can I hold hands with my spouse in public? (click on question for answer)

    UAE law and culture is not sympathetic to public shows of affection.  Holding hands is fine, mixed gender and same gender, but avoid overt show of affection such as touching intimately or kissing on the lips.  If onlookers in public places take exception to your conduct and complain to a person in authority, you may find yourself with a problem.

    It is advisable to be aware and respectful of local modes of public behaviour.

  • Is my UK Driving Licence valid in the UAE? (click on question for answer)

    If you are visiting as a tourist, your UK driving licence is valid for the class of vehicle you are entitled to drive in the UK.

    If you have UAE residence, you must immediately apply for a UAE driving licence (the process is a simple transfer).  You cannot legally drive on a UK driving licence once you are a resident of the UAE.

  • Is it legal to drink alcohol in Dubai? (click on question for answer)

    Non-Muslim Tourists can legally buy and consume alcohol in licensed premises.


    Non-Muslim residents require an Alcohol Licence.