About us

Al Sharhan Team2

Our Office has been distinguished, since its establishment in 2012, by provision of various legal services to its customers through an outstanding staff from various nationalities that possesses the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to provide our customers with the most appropriate legal solutions. We work as a responsible team and we celebrate success through appreciation of every person who contributes to development of the services provided to our esteemed customers.

Our vision

Taking advantage of the available resources to achieve the welfare of our customers.

We pledge to

Examine the services provided to our customers and develop them periodically.

Our objective

To occupy a leading position among law firms in the United Arab Emirates.


We always adhere to integrity and transparency towards our employees and customers.

Our objective

To occupy a leading position among law firms in the United Arab Emirates.


Fast and accurate provision of services in consistency with the needs of our customers.

Communication with customers

We pledge to

  • Continuously follow-up any developments relevant to the cases of customers, including the legal opinion.
  • Hold a periodic meeting, with our customers, to be determined upon conclusion of the contract in order to discuss, follow-up and explain all the works and discuss all the necessary inquiries.
  • Provide legal translation services.
  • Use our expertise to use the fastest means of legal defence through our work team comprised of a selection of expert advocates, consultants and administrative staff.

Scope of work

The Office of Abdul Rahman Al Sharhan Advocates and Legal Consultants has been providing various legal services, since its establishment, in the following fields:

1. Representation of our customers in cases and disputes

The Office represents the customers in various civil, criminal, commercial, banking, financial, administrative, labour and personal status cases in all stages before courts of all instances or judicial commissions and local and foreign arbitral tribunals of all degrees and competences until the stage of execution of each case pursuant to its legal nature.

2. Legal consultation services

We have legal staff specialized in various legal fields, which provides us with confidence to use our experience in provision of legal opinion and consultation to our customers in all matters relevant to the proceedings and laws in force pursuant to the legal status of each customer. We also accurately analyse the facts in order to protect our customers from amongst the individuals, companies and institutions.

3. Defence in criminal cases

In implementation of the principle of “An accused person is innocent until proved guilty”, the Office provides the services of defending customers in the stages of criminal actions in the cases of misdemeanours and offenses. We also represent plaintiffs for claiming compensation in criminal actions for those aggrieved from various crimes.

4. Personal status cases

The family is the core of the society. The legislator has enacted laws regulating the personal status in order to safeguard the rights of family members. Since that the family cases affect the society, we pledge to use our experience to reach the most appropriate legal solutions.

5. Arbitration

Many parties, increasingly, resort to alternative litigation means due to their fastness and specialization in technical matters in addition to the advantage of confidentiality of litigation. The Office represents its customers before various arbitral tribunals in real estate, marine and commercial cases and in ratification of the arbitral award by the competent courts.

6. Establishment of businesses

We provide assistance to our customers to establish their businesses inside the United Arab Emirates and in free zones. We assist our customers by preparing and drafting memorandums of association, following-up incorporation proceedings before the competent bodies, and registering companies. In addition, the Office, using its wide network of relations, assists its customers from amongst the foreign businessmen to select their local partners from businessmen inside the State.

7. Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights, including the patents, trademarks and copyrights, represent one of the establishment’s key assets which should be protected by a firm legal shield. Our services in the field of intellectual property cover all the procedures, including the preparation, submission and follow-up of registration applications as well as the cases on patents ownership, copyrights or trademarks.

8. Notary public servicess

The Office has obtained a license from Dubai Courts to authenticate contracts, agreements, powers of attorney, and documents licensed by Dubai Courts.

9. Lease and real estate ownership cases

Our office has extensive scientific experience covering various types of real estate transactions and deals, including negotiation and drafting of ownership contracts, financing and repayment arrangements, together with lease, construction, and usufruct contracts and various types of legal documents relevant to commercial or residential real estate transactions. We also represent our customers before the Rental Dispute Settlement Committee.

10. Debt collection

Debt collection is in many cases a tiresome and time-consuming process that most of people prefer to assign to another party. This is one of the services provided by our Office in a manner that suits the customer.

11. Legal research and studies

Our Office continuously prepares legal studies, analyses and researches in the fields which are either subject of interest to our customers or the legal developments in the various legal fields.

12. International services

The Office of Abdul Rahman Al Sharhan Advocates and Legal Consultants is linked to a huge group of specialized law firms well-known for their accuracy, proficiency and excellence in various countries for the purpose of participation in preparation and negotiation for filing international actions on behalf of the Office’s customers, when necessary. The Office has close and active relationships with international law firms for cooperation in all judicial fields and execution of judgments outside the State.

13. Annual contracts

Due to the distinctive services provided by our Office, we have been parties, since our establishment, to annual contracts with a group of prestigious companies operating inside the State for the distinctive services we provide at competitive prices that suit the needs of our customers.