About us

Sanad Int. Law Group - Lawyers & Legal Services is an independent UAE Law firm founded in 1986 in Abu Dhabi, because we have worked to expand our efforts and our services. In order to build bridges of cooperation among us, we opened a branch in Dubai, as well as in Al Ain, the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. Sanad Int. is one of the well-known local firms operating in Dubai before the courts and all over the United Arab Emirates, whether federal or local. Our firm has qualified and experienced team of lawyers and legal consultants registered in all over the world. Our firm provides a wide range of legal services in all areas of civil, law, including without limitation, pleadings before all courts of various levels and degrees, civil, criminal, commercial , maritime law, insurance, bank transactions, memorandums of associations, privilege agreements, rental & labor disputes, real estate planning, proprietary rights, IT, arbitration, mediation, incorporation and winding up of companies. As well as notary services, notarize Articles of Association, declarations, notifications, authorizations, proxies and annulment

Our goal:

In line with open door and globalization strategies, our legal services has been improved to follow the latest scientific and technological methods and techniques that contribute to amendment of laws and legislations and development of the performance of the bodies responsible for implementation thereof.

Our mission:

Saving time to set a framework for settlement of simple and complicated legal cases by of mediation, negotiation and arbitration, since the client and its needs are our most focal point. We are dedicated to help our clients understand recognize all international and local laws so that to achieve their requirements. and provide due legal advice, as required by our mission in connection with legal services by making drafts , examining and reviewing all necessary contracts, notes, proceedings of general assemblies, partnership contracts, privilege contracts, management, employment, credit partnership and commercial agencies.

Our obligations:

Our experienced lawyers, legal consultants and arbitrators provide free legal advice clearly in all related issues in different languages. Our office represents the clients in all kinds of cases in all the courts of the UAE and federal courts, lease dispute resolution commission, also represent them before the arbitration board to provide their defense and their claims.