Civil Cases

Our law office can provide clients with the best legal services in relation to civil law and regulation of civil transactions among both individuals and companies and represent our clients before courts of first instance, appeal and cassation in the following cases: Insurance, mortgage, civil contracts, indemnity claims, wills inheritance, endowment, gifting, receivership, personal rights and civil liability.

Commercial Cases

We provide all kinds of legal services to corporate bodies, not only inside the UAE, but international bodies as well, such as advice on amalgamation as per companies’ laws, privilege, licenses, employment, supervision, management and arising disputes. We also provide advice and consultancy on investment of real estates, hotels, warehouses and lands utilized by the UAE, including assignment of benefit and long-term lease. Whereas the main responsibility of our teamwork is to focus on commercial disputes and establishment of companies due to the commercial character of the United Arab Emirates, such cases are divided into the following categories:
• Commercial mortgages
• Sale contracts
• Banks
• Funding, equipment leasing
• Sale and purchase agreements
• Acquisition of trade assets
• Establishment and licensing of businesses
• Bankruptcy
• Sea, air and land transport
• Illegal competition.

Criminal Law

Our lawyer defend all crimes of various levels and degrees before courts of first instance, appeal and cassation in Dubai and federal supreme court in Abu Dhabi and submit temporary release under financial or personal warranty. Also, our expertise include claim of civil rights to compensate the client against the damages sustained as a result of such crimes and obtain compensation judgment either before courts of first instance or civil courts. Moreover, we can provide precise comprehensive criminal legal services via our local and international network.


Abdul Rahman Al Sharhan has adopted leadership in dealing with real estate issues, our office has authority to represent agent before government and non-government, and we have represented many companies and individuals, enabling the members of our team from having extensive experience in dealing with real estate issues and achieve high success rate. Our office in this regard is characterized by its ability to follow up issues until the implementation stage and collect the amounts; we believe that our mission does not end in the case of a ruling in favor of our client, no matter how difficult or almost impossible. To have distinction and sophistication in our legal services related to new real estate laws and provisions. Being a top rated consultancy firm we have the capability for confrontation of all the aspects related to real estate legal practice, including the following:
• Administrative and administrative issues.
• Setting up and permitting land organizations.
• Financing and securities.
• REITS and Real Estate Funds
• Strata and blended utilization plans.
• Land obtaining and improvement, including joint endeavours.
• Property question determination, including court case and nearby and universal discretion.
• Business property exchanges.
• Long haul leases – private, business and retail.
• Short haul lease agreements – private, business and retail.
• General proprietor and inhabitant guidance, including case and question.

Personal Status Law

Our office can provide legal services in connection with wills and division thereof, benefit management for charitable acts, all kinds of personal status cases and any acts against legal laws, such as:
• Divorce actions
• Divorce cases against compensation
• Alimony cases
• Child custody cases
• Visitation cases


Maritime trade has become one of the cornerstones in the economic outlook, which represents a strong source of income generation and added value in the field of transport of goods and supplies that cannot be loaded by other transportation tools. Since great importance, it was necessary that there is a law regulating maritime trade. Based on our experience in this regard, the Firm offers a wide range of legal advice to individuals and organizations, government institutions and private companies operating in the industry in all matters relating to the navigation rules and regulations, including, but not limited to, registration of the ship, maritime insurance disputes loading and unloading, financial and maritime security.

Commercial law

Commercial Law stands at the top of the pyramid of the different branches of law, and commercial transactions are the backbone of economic life. Considering that the business rapidly accelerates and changes in the region, it causes constant changes in the legislation, forcing investors and companies to keep up with the innovations in terms of specific laws. Accordingly, you will have a motivation to choose our office to be the legal representative of you, and that due to our extensive practical experience and adapted to these changes in order to stay informed about the frequent amendments in the judicial system. In addition to providing strategic decisions in the shortest possible period in order to preserve rights and interests. We offer expert advice and services through its extensive, extended and developed experience over years by work in this important area in this unique region to meet the requirements of our customers and appease them. These services are buying, selling and insurance systems, dealing with banks, financial institutions and clients negotiating contracts and documents of various kinds, such as the agency contracts, sales and distribution, intellectual property, concession agreements and the collection of all types of services.

Banking and finance

Our group is considered to be a leader on banking and finance sector in the Middle East where we dealt with many local and international institutions that have enhanced our experience and we contributed to help many of our clients in organizing their calculations records and finding solutions to them helping us win more customers. We have a team of legal advisers who are highly experienced in Arabic and English. Also they have the ability to deal with more complex issues and we have extensive experience in banking, finance and regional activities.

Labor law & employment disputes

There are many companies that do not follow the law in dealing with the employee at work. Our qualified lawyers can help you to bring a labour or civil claim against your employer or employee, to defend civil rights and seek justice under the law. We understand your objectives and provide you with expert legal advice and assistance to help you negotiate on issues raised by your employee or employer. We are always seeking to provide consulting services to employers and employees in order to deal properly with their rights and obligations under the relevant laws of the state, including, interpretation and enforceability of labor agreements and employers manuals. We offer you the services on a large scale, including negotiating agreements on employment and dismissal, formulating and interpreting employment contracts, deal with individual cases, working hours and wages, and benefits claims, defense or raising claims of unfair dismissal, or solving any number of disputes that arise between the employer and the employee. Here comes the role of our experienced lawyers helping you professionally and effectively. Our goal is to provide competitive solutions and an affordable cost, including the discovery whether insurance coverage exists to help resolve conflicts with current or former employees.

About us

Our Office has been distinguished, since its establishment in 2012, by provision of various legal services to its customers through an outstanding staff from various nationalities that possesses the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to provide our customers with the most appropriate legal solutions. We work as a responsible team and we celebrate success through appreciation of every person who contributes to development of the services provided to our esteemed customers.

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